Inside The Yoga Studio: The Web-Series - A filmed interview series giving you an in-depth look inside the lives of today's most inspiring yoga teachers.

Note from Daniel: I am so proud to announce this incredible series to you. Jen contacted me that she had created this web-series and discovered that I had already created an "Inside The Yoga Studio" series but in the podcast medium. After talking with her we decided that it would be to both of our benefits to try and work together and support each other and our ventures. I will be interviewing her soon and hope to one day make a trip out to California for her to interview me. Anyway, we will be advertising for each other as we go, so those of you who are fans of the Inside The Yoga Studio Podcast, please go to the link below and watch Inside The Yoga Studio Web-series. Let's spread the love and the journeys of some incredible yoga teachers.

Jen E. Smith

With a corporate office in Los Angeles, California, RYW Director Jen E. Smith travels the globe interviewing, researching and recommending the best that the world has to offer in broadening the yoga spectrum through events.

An avid yoga practitioner since the early 90’s, Jen took her first yoga 200 hour teacher training in 2001 through Julian Walker and Rick Gould at Santa Monica Yoga. She followed this with ANOTHER 200 hour TT at YogaWorks with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford. Her THIRD 200 TT was with Stephanie Keach at Asheville Yoga Center. I guess you could say that she likes to be a student. Teaching classes since 2001, she has also been participating in and teaching teacher trainings, workshops and retreats regularly. An event planner for both YogaWorks and exhale center for sacred movement, Jen has planned over 150 retreats for herself and countless other teachers - not to mention her Group Fitness Management positions at several Equinox locations dating back to 2004.

Now, she offers you the best quality retreats by the most kind and generous teachers around. Her guarantee is that you will have a full retreat experience. It’s her intention, her hope, her vision, her prayer.